Prop Betting Strategy Tips

A good strategy is only one aspect of being a successful sports bet enthusiast. We may seem to be exaggerating, but this is the truth.

A strategy is essential, but sticking to it requires staying focused on the big picture and always keeping an eye on the future. You can only manage your budget and understand the value of betting when you have a strategy. These are the cornerstones for a successful strategy when gambling online.

Prop betting is no different from other types of wagering. There aren’t any strict rules. There are some arbitrage betting strategies and other exploits that may be illegal, but we don’t want to talk about that!

We’re dealing with a subject that isn’t something you can pass on to someone else. Online prop betting offers so many possibilities that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Before settling on a strategy, you must tailor the options to meet your specific needs, adjust stakes as required, and learn from mistakes. The old-fashioned trial-and-mistake method is still the best way to go. It’s a long process, but following our advice should help you to learn faster!

What is Prop Betting?

What is prop betting?

Prop betting is the term used to describe wagers not placed on money lines, totals, or point spreads. The full name of proposition betting is that it is a form of gambling with an endless variety.

Why do people love prop bets? Not only are prop bets considered to be the most consistent, but they are also very entertaining. Check out our new video to learn more about the basics of prop betting.

Sportsbooks offer a variety of prop betting options.

It’s a fact that most bettors place their wagers on sports props. It’s the category that everyone feels most comfortable with. Not all sports props have the same value. We’re not only talking about popularity; we’re also talking about other factors. Some prop bets are simple “yes-or-no” scenarios. Some prop bets have multiple possible outcomes, while others are based solely on the performance of a single player. There are so many options.

Prop Betting Categories

Sports Props

You can expect to find prop bets like those listed above when searching for sports props. Bookies offer different mounts, so shop around if you are still looking for what you want.

Prop betting strategies based solely on sports will only get you a little. Combining sports props with categories such as politics and esports is essential.

Entertainment Props

What is this? What do these props mean? Some online bookmakers cover various topics, including reality TV, movie/TV/music award shows, the National Spelling Bee, and more.

You can, yes, sir. Suppose you find a bookmaker that offers such bets. They’re easy to come by, especially Oscars and Emmys props. They’re everywhere!

Political Props

Politics, of course. Regarding betting activity, the 2020 US elections had a lot to offer. There was much more than just a simple Trump vs. Biden bet. Some bookies let users bet on the exact date of the election.

Betfair recorded over $564,000,000 in bets on the 2020 Presidential Race. Last year, we wrote about an interesting political prop.

Esports Props

It is essential not to take the esports betting market for granted. The esports betting industry has grown steadily over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s not surprising that props for esports exist.

You may find them by a different title. They’re usually called Esports Specials, but they are the same thing.

Only the most prominent esports tournaments have in-depth coverage of props. Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends are the most significant events. It would help if you didn’t bet on esports every week. It will take a couple of years before this becomes commonplace.

Prop Betting Strategy Advice

It is best to come up with your prop betting strategy. It’s one thing to look at other people’s strategies, but you shouldn’t let them lead the way. It’s best to start from scratch since you must make some changes.

What should you focus on the most regarding Sports Betting or Esports Betting? We’ll begin with the pre-betting process.

Double-check the stats

Check that you have the correct numbers. Double-check your stats to ensure that you are betting on the right match! It doesn’t matter what type of prop bets are on your mind; having all the relevant information is essential. You cannot expect to win consistently if you place half-baked wagers.

The most popular category of sports prop betting is undoubtedly online NFL betting. Also, online NFL betting is a popular category. Check out our NFL Prop Betting Guide if you are interested. This is a must-read for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Avoid Vague Phrasing

Many bookmakers need to be more specific about their prop betting options. You might, for example, see the following wager:

Prop bets must have all the details correct! You can only be sure of your payout if you choose to place a prop bet.

It would help if you did Not Rely on Luck Based Props.

Props that are based on luck exist. All mounts are based on chance, right? No! We’re talking about proper luck-based props here, like odd/even numbers of goals/touchdowns/rounds. They don’t require any knowledge—just luck. There’s a little luck here and there, but it’s everywhere!

Prop betting is not for everyone.

Prop betting is one of many categories you should be interested in. Don’t bet all your money on one thing.

Bookies will limit your stakes even if you ignore our advice. They might even restrict your prop betting or ban you if you place too many bets in a row—just something to consider.

Create Your Prop Betting Strategies

We’ve been trying for years to make this point! Prop betting strategies need to be simplified. You should make your system from scratch rather than copying someone else’s.

Everyone’s betting patterns are unique, whether we’re discussing prop bets, stake amounts or betting systems, or even bankroll management. It is best to figure things out yourself. This is the longest and most challenging task, but the results will be worth it.

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